Tuesday, March 21, 2006


There will be no pictures for a while because our camera broke (the lens motor stopped working). We hope to purchase a new one in the next week or two.

On the last full day of her visit, my mother bought my love - and yes, she actually told me that she wanted to buy my love - by buying me four skeins of Manos del Uruguay for a sweater for my daughter. I got three skeins of a raspberry color and one of lavender for the contrast. I almost got turquoise for the contrast but decided it would look too "trendy". I will be making the snowflake sweater from Knitting for Baby.

While we were there, I picked up my first Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, alas, the very day before Emily made an announcement that she would be giving some away to someone who had never tried it. They only had one skein of lavender left so I chose berry instead. I want to knit something from Knitting Vintage Socks (a birthday present), but I can't choose between the Child's First Sock and the Fancy Silk Sock. Guess I'll just have to buy some more sock yarn....

My daughter just woke up and we have to get to our PEPS meeting so I have to cut this short.

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