Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What goes up must come down.

So apparently November is National Just About Everything Month (Write a Novel, Blog Every Day, Knit a Sweater, etcetera). I have had the yarn for a few sweaters for several months now and so I decided to take the plunge and make a sweater this month. Right from the start there were problems. I didn't have enough of such-and-such yarn to do that project, that sweater wouldn't look good in that color, and so forth. After doing some gauge swatches, I settled on making Rogue. I got perfect gauge and even though I didn't have quite enough yarn, I was able to order more - in the same dyelot, even! - until disaster struck. It wouldn't print. Now, we don't have a printer so any printing jobs include copying files, traveling to the library, checking out a computer, printing files, and returning home. Since I was at the library, there was nothing I could do except retry to print the same thing that I had. Not happening. I must have done something to mess the pattern up when copying it. Plan B. (Well, C, actually, because I was planning on making a Hand-to-Hand Aran [Ravelry link, you have to sign up] until I decided I didn't like that yarn worked up at that gauge.) I was able to print the pattern for Eris, and I had good yarn for it that worked up to gauge. The collar went beautifully. I adore the complex cables. So other than several mistakes, doesn't it look great?

I picked up all the stitches around the edge (one of my least favorite knitting jobs) to start the body of the sweater. I read ahead in the pattern to make sure I knew what I was doing. Everything was clear except there were no specific instructions for the raglan increases, so I checked to see if they were supposed to be done a certain way. Lo and behold, I discovered that I had been working the perfect gauge for the BODY portion of the sweater all the way through my lovely collar.

My knitting will be in time-out until I have eaten enough chocolate to get over this.


Su said...

Well, I only know a little bit about knitting (still not brave enough to try a project!), but I do understand chocolate. My sympathies.

I know what you mean about November being the month of everything... perhaps it's because in December people are too distracted to do anything?

wv-- extrodd: Something so extra odd, you can't leave a space between the words.

Holly said...

Wow! Talk about a frustrating series of events. How rotten! I hope you had some great chocolate on hand. This morning our oldest was allowed a piece of her trick-or-treating candy and she chose a Tootsie Roll. She commented that it was just a tiny piece of chocolate, and I responded that you really only need a little piece of chocolate so long as it is really good chocolate. Fortunately, she thinks a Tootsie Roll is really good chocolate. I hope you had something better!

Molly said...

The part you did wrong LOOKS good, if that's any consolation

miss rika said...

From one who cannot stand the thought of cables yet, Eris and Rogue are SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME and I really hope you post more pictures as you go. Also that there is more chocolate involved. Chocolate, I find, covers over innumerable ills.

p.s. I noticed you posted a ravelry link and took the liberty of befriending you there (I'm antipodes). Hope that's not bothersome:)

Priscilla said...

You have great determination...and I can respect that. I am sure regardless that whatever your hands create will be a beautiful masterpiece at the end...a true work of art and hard work!