Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Knitting Olympics

So Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has initiated the first (to my knowledge) Knitting Olympics. Basically you have to choose a project for yourself that will be a challenge, cast on no sooner than the Olympic torch is lit, and have the item(s) finished by the time the flame goes out sixteen days later. Whoever finishes their projects within the time frame will be entered in a drawing for "something".

I'm in. I haven't yet decided what my project will be. I am trying to decide what I can handle while still having time to feed my daughter her meals (though I suppose she could live off of finger foods for a couple of weeks... just kidding, in case anyone was truly concerned that I would do that to her) and change diapers occasionally. Perhaps a pair of socks? Two pairs? A vest?

I need to finish up my mother's Christmas scarf (last Christmas, not next) and my husband's second sock before I do anything else. And maybe make something for my yet-to-be-born nephew.

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