Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My husband's first knitted bribe

You are viewing history in the making here. This is my very first sock, just before weaving the toe stitches. I was telling a dear friend about how my poor husband always gets stuck with the "first" projects; first hat, first scarf, first socks, etcetera. They are usually full of mistakes that I can fix the next time I make something similar so I can give it to someone outside our immediate family. She, in her wonderful way, reminded me that when artists become famous their first works are often the most sought-after and valuable. Anyway, I have now turned the heel on the second sock and just have to work my way down the foot.

My other major project is a Christmas gift, a scarf for my mother. I procrastinated in the first place, then when I went to buy the yarn the store had to order it, then I took forever choosing a pattern. I'm using black Heirloom Easy Care 8 yarn, which I won't use again. It splits way too easily. After hours of poring over my knitting stitch library, I decided to use the tilting ladder pattern from Barbara G. Walker's Second Treasury. No photo because I want it to be somewhat of a surprise for my mom.

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