Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Flowers

This is the Spring Flowers dress from Fiber Trends that I started for my daughter. I decided to do yellow as a nod toward Project Spectrum, which I am not signed up for but I think it's a great idea and I am somewhat trying to follow along. I had a great deal of trouble with the hem - purely because I didn't follow the instruction to cast on invisibly - but now that I am past that it's going swimmingly, if slowly. I've never worked with mercerized cotton before - I'm using Tahki Cotton Classic - and man, is it slippery! Hopefully I'll get used to it and it will go a little faster - though I am a slow knitter in the first place. My current goal is to finish it by the first Sunday in May. Hey, I did a sweater - with steeks, no less, in sixteen days. I just have to make myself concentrate on this project and not on socks.... Besides, my on-the-needles sock is green and that's May's color so I can work on it then.

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Kelly said...

how cute is that dress! Its going to be beautiful when your finished!