Friday, February 22, 2008

The Domestic Demi-Goddess

So I have been baking my way through How to be a Domestic Goddess* by Nigella Lawson. I don't believe I've mentioned it before, because even my husband claims that I never told him before last night.

Last night it was the Butterscotch Layer Cake's turn, and it turned out okay. It looked beautiful (much more so before I cut it, but I had already started cutting when Bob said "You should take a picture! You should blog this!") but the flavors just didn't do it for me. It sounded so yummy, with caramel, cream cheese icing, and the batter for the cake - yes, I always taste it before I bake it - was absolutely delicious. Somehow when it was assembled it seemed like the flavors were all competing instead of complementing each other.** I do think that the recipe has great potential, and with a bit of tinkering I'm sure I could come up with a version that is more suited to my tastes. However, I don't think that I will take the time to do that, because the next cake on the list is Boston Cream Pie... mmm. Creamy is my texture of choice.

Anyone want to come over for a piece of butterscotch cake?

*My favorite book title of all time. I wish I'd thought of it first.

**A disclaimer, should Mrs. Lawson ever happen to read this post (which I seriously doubt): I am not saying that you wrote a terrible recipe, but simply that we have different tastes. At least this time. I like lots of your other recipes.


Su said...

I wish you had thought of it first, too, because I'm hoping you wouldn't charge me too much for an autograph. :)

miss rika said...

Hello:) I found your blog via your husband's, and I must say I think you two would be awfully fun to be around in person--Wodehouse, Pratchett, cooking, Christian . . . sounds like all-around awesomeness to me!

I'm writing to ask about a recipe for whole-wheat pastry dough, actually. I'm trying to figure one out, but the best I can do without making the whole thing crumble into oblivion is a mixture of about half white and half whole-wheat. I'm a beginner at all this, but I wonder if you have a miracle recipe you wouldn't mind sharing?